Dallas Fort-Worth truck crash attorneys for injuries caused by headlight defectsMost people are aware of the dangers posed by defective vehicle tires, airbags, or brakes. After all, it's pretty clear that a blowout or being unable to stop can put both the driver and others in harm's way. Unfortunately, other automotive defects' dangers are a little less obvious, so they do not receive the attention they should. For example, truck drivers rarely think to inspect their headlights or check for possible defects in this area. Even in the best conditions, though, driving at night comes with elevated risks, and adding defective headlights to the mix can have catastrophic results.

The dangers of headlight defects

If a truck is driving down a poorly-lit rural or suburban road and its headlights go out completely, the odds of the trucker seeing a walker, child, bicyclist, or other road obstacle are very small. If they do manage to see a hazard, it may be too late to react, or the act of swerving to avoid it can cause a severe crash on its own. The truck’s headlights do not have to go out completely to be considered dangerously defective, either. If the lights are too bright or poorly aligned, they can shine into the eyes of approaching drivers and effectively blind them. If the road has no median and the blinded driver swerves into oncoming traffic, head-on collisions are a very real and deadly risk.

Who can be held liable for a Dallas-Fort Worth truck crash?

If you are driving down the Texas highways when the visibility is low, you may not be able to see the truck heading your way in the opposite lane because of its headlight defect. The resulting crash can be horrific. But who is at fault? Similar to passenger vehicles, all commercial vehicles in the state of Texas must have properly functioning headlights. However, defects can occur, and the manufacturer may recall parts. Not recalling the defective parts places the burden of liability on the manufacturer, whereas not fixing the malfunctioning headlights makes the trucker or trucking company liable.

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The physical consequences of a collision caused by defective headlights can be both painful and costly. Death, property damage, serious injury, and medical and repair bills are possible results of any serious truck wreck. If you have been involved in a truck crash in Dallas caused by headlight defects, you may have a viable lawsuit against the manufacturer, the trucker and/or the trucking company. Contact our team of experienced personal injury lawyers at Samples Ames PLLC to assist you in your case today.

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