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When a law firm finds they need support during a civil trial, they need attorneys they can trust to add value to the proceedings rather than distracting from them. The trial support services offered by Samples Ames PLLC are intended to do just that. Whether you are short staffed or new to a particular area of the law, we can help. As the support team, we will focus on capturing important legal issues and preserving errors in the trial record so that you as the trial lawyer can better focus on the flow of the trial. We appropriately frame the salient legal issues in preparation for a possible appeal.

Our litigation and trial support assistance can be invaluable in ensuring that all possible bases for either arguing or defending a judgment on appeal have been identified and will be available to use in the appellate court. Our experience has earned the trust of trial attorneys who consult with us to shape litigation strategy before and during a trial. Collaboration with our firm is a valuable resource that greatly benefits both attorneys and their clients.

Ask Us About Support in These Civil Practice Areas

Our understanding of the law encompasses several practice areas, and it is our depth of knowledge and research skills in these areas that set us apart:

  • Personal injury. Having litigated many vehicle wreck, premises liability, and commercial truck crash cases in Texas, we are uniquely qualified to support you when you must take a personal injury case to trial.
  • Child abuse. We are committed to protecting the rights of child abuse victims and will contribute valuable support when you are seeking damages on behalf of a child victim.
  • Family law. Our team can support you with any case in family court, including complicated adoptions, contentious divorces, and child custody and support cases.
  • Commercial litigation. We are experienced in a range of business disputes and can support you at trial whether the business you represent is suing or being sued.

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