Every lawsuit is the same in one way: The evidence must support your claim. This means that if you suspect you have a claim, you should take steps to preserve the evidence that could be critical in supporting your case. Cases involving sexual abuse of children are no exception.

Has your child suffered from sexual abuse? If yes, it is important that you consider making a sexual abuse claim. If the claim is successful, children can get compensated for the physical injuries and the mental distress (sometimes leading to PTSD) they suffered. But before you take the first step towards your Gathering Evidence for a Child Abuse Lawsuitchild’s sexual abuse claim, you must have the evidence and essential documents that can help you make your compensation claim strong.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

This saying is especially true in a lawsuit. If you believe your child has been sexually abused and exhibits physical signs such as bleeding in sensitive parts, or soreness and swelling in the same areas, photos of these indicators can be used to prove your claims. It’s also important to identify those persons who may have been able to see something.  Often, witnesses see behaviors but don’t appreciate the meaning of those behaviors.

Get Professional Help if Your Child Exhibits the Signs of Sexual Abuse

If your child is exhibiting the physical signs of sexual abuse, you should also take your child for a medical exam in a Texas medical facility as soon as possible.  The indications of sexual abuse can deteriorate quickly, thereby making evidence preservation difficult. An immediate medical examination can assist in the collection of forensic evidence and can also screen for injuries and exposures to sexually transmitted diseases. You might also want to seek counseling with a professional who has experience with child sexual abuse. Both the medical doctor and the psychological professional should be able to determine definitively whether anything sexually inappropriate has occurred.

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