symptoms of internal bleedingIf you have been involved in a high-impact event, internal bleeding will be one of the most (if not the most) serious potential injuries. Internal bleeding is, as the name implies, bleeding that occurs within your body.

If left untreated, this type of injury has the potential to do irreparable and life-altering damage to your body. In some extreme cases, it may even lead to death. 

The worst part? Unlike other injuries—like a cut or tear on the body—internal bleeding is very difficult to see or diagnose without a thorough physical examination. See the illustration accompanying this article for some warning signs.

Causes of Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding typically occurs when a vein or artery is ruptured either by sheer force or a blunt object. For example, if you crash your car at high speed and hit your head on the steering wheel, the force of the hit can cause head trauma with internal bleeding (intracranial hemorrhage). 

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding that is not severe often leads to bumps and bruises, which, for the most part, are not cause for concern. More severe cases, on the other hand, may result in:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Bloody excrement
  • Loss of motion
  • Pain 
  • Weakness or fatigue

Treatment for Internal Bleeding

Any of these symptoms may reveal a larger, more serious problem if they get worse and should be followed by immediate medical attention. To prevent or correct an unsafe drop in blood pressure, IV fluids and blood transfusions may be given to you. 

In case internal bleeding is slower, you may be kept under observation at the emergency center until the bleeding stops on its own. 

If the bleeding is severe, urgent surgery may be required to repair the injury. 

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* Illustration Credit to JR Bee of Verywell


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