texas premises liability lawyersVisitors to a property have the right to conduct their business or be lawfully in a place without an undue risk of injury. Under Texas law, an owner of a property owes a duty to of care to protect all members of the public from injuries.

However, the extent of that duty of care will depend upon the reason you're on the property.

Who's Liable for Property Injuries?

A property owner's level of liability depends on whether a visitor is a:

  • Business guest. A property owner owes the greatest duty to someone who comes on the premises for mutual business purposes, such as shoppers in a retail store. Customers have a right to safety while conducting their business.
  • Social guests. If visitors are invited into a person’s home, or enter the property for non-business reasons, they have the right to be warned of any potentially dangerous areas that could result in injury.
  • Trespasser. Landowners have a minimum of liability to trespassers, but they can still not willfully or intentionally injure people who entered the property without permission. Landowners are also prohibited from creating a situation that attract children into dangerous areas, such as a pool with open gates or no surround fence.

Lawsuits involving injuries on someone else’s property are called premises liability cases. The personal injury lawyers at Samples Ames PLLC in Fort Worth have extensive experience handling these lawsuits.

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