When a passenger vehicle smashes into the trailer and wedges underneath it, that crash is called an underride crash. This type of crash often results in catastrophic or fatal injuries. This means that the driver and passengers inside the vehicle can suffer enormous physical and financial losses. Most trucks have rear underride guards to prevent this crash from happening. Unfortunately, these guards can fail because of faulty design or improper maintenance.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in an underride collision, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to receive the compensation you would need from the liable parties.

What are the causes of underride wrecks?

Poor visibility, speeding, and rainy or foggy conditions are common causes of devastating underride wrecks. However, these types of crashes can also occur when truckers or car drivers suddenly stop or back up without checking other vehicles. Here are some other causes of underride crashes:

  • truck underride accidentBroken brake lights or lack of reflective tape on the back of the truck
  • Lack of proper lights when a car is turning or parked on the road
  • Absent or ineffective underride guards on the trailer
  • Trucker recklessly slamming on the brakes or making an illegal U-turn

Liability in underride crashes

Negligence of the truck driver is the most common reason why these types of crashes occur. The trucking industry is well aware of the dangers of underride. You have probably seen underride guards on the back or sides of tractor-trailers. These guards are designed to block vehicles from becoming trapped underneath the trailer. But when these guards fail because of poor manufacturing or negligent maintenance, either the owner or the manufacturer of the trailer can be held responsible for these crashes.

Underride collisions may also happen when a truck is illegally parked or driving at dangerously slow speeds due to engine trouble. In that case, the trucker and the trucking company can be liable for these wrecks.

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