A tire blowout or malfunction – when a tire doesn’t deflate but blows out – can be a frightening and hazardous situation. When tires of a large commercial truck or big rig blow out at highway speeds, devastating crashes occur which can be catastrophic for surrounding people. Tire treads or other portions of rubber can break windshields and injure occupants of nearby vehicles. In some cases, a trucker loses control of the vehicle due to tire-related factors and wrecks, taking out small vehicles as well.

When you suffer injuries in Texas due to a tire-blowout truck collision, you need a knowledgeable personal injury attorney on your side to get you the justice you deserve.

Causes of truck tire blowout Collisions

When the rubber tread layer of the tires separates from the rest of the tires, a tire blowout event occurs. Some of the more common causes of a truck tire blowout collision are:

  • OverloadWho Is At Fault In A Truck Tire Blowout Crash?
  • Leakage in tire
  • Potholes and an overall lack of road maintenance
  • Incorrect air pressure in the tires

Who Is At Fault In A Truck Tire Blowout Crash?

In most cases, the trucking company is liable for a blowout collision. Even if the trucker behaved negligently, the trucking company would be legally responsible for all the damages associated with these crashes. Trucking companies may also face liability when a blowout crash occurs because of overloads, excessive speeds, low tire pressure, and worn tires. In some cases, the tire manufacturers may be liable for a truck tire blowout but only if poor design or faulty manufacturing caused the blowout.

Identifying the liability in these cases is not always clear cut. That’s why it is essential to contact an experienced truck injury attorney to get help analyzing the facts of the case, identifying fault, and filing a lawsuit with all potentially legally responsible parties.

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