Any lawyer who tries to answer this question in a phone call or an email isn't the legal counsel you want to hire. It's practically impossible to provide an accurate estimate of possible damages without first knowing more about the incident that led to injury and about the extent of your condition.

Each Personal Injury Case is Unique

case_consultBefore anyone can make an accurate determination of personal injury case value, they must have a thorough understanding of your course of medical treatment; the current status of your condition; and your prognosis.

Additionally, your lawyer must completely investigate details of the situation, and analyze the impact the incident has on wage-earning ability and on your lifestyle.

Only then can a knowledgeable personal injury attorney accurately evaluate your damages.

How to Learn More About the Value of Your Case

We understand you're looking for a ballpark number to decide whether it's worth it to pursue legal action. You have the right to weigh the benefits of pursuing legal action for a personal injury against the costs and time of such an endeavor. It's important to make an informed decision and choose experienced legal counsel, if necessary.

Our personal injury lawyers would be pleased to discuss your legal rights and start analyzing the value of a potential settlement. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation using the convenient contact information on this page.

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