Occasionally, our offer of a no-charge consultation does not apply to defamation cases.  Also, we will generally have room for two defamation cases at atime, and if we are at our internal limit, we will be unable to take your case.  In most, and nearly all, cases where a person thinks they have a defamation claim, it's because someone has hurt their feelings by saying bad things about them.  Having hurt feelings does not mean you have a defamation claim.

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Libel and slander are forms of defamation. Libel involves written statements and slander involves oral statements, but both are an attempt to cause harm to the victim.

Understanding Defamation

To win a slander or libel lawsuit, the statement must be false, and there's a requirement of proof the perpetrator knew it was false or either recklessly disregarded the truth.

What You Might Have To Prove in a Libel and Slander Case

Individuals who suffered defamation generally have to show they experienced an economic loss as a result. In cases of business slander, victims have to prove their livelihoods suffered because of false and disparaging statements about goods or services.

However, the law recognizes that some lies are so hurtful, you don't have to show an economic loss, including:

  • Slander of criminal accusations
  • Attacks on a person's business reputation or professional character
  • Sexual allegations, such as a person caused harm to another individual, is impotent or infected with a sexually-transmitted disease

BUT, and this is the important part, to rely on these exceptions, you will also have to show that the speaker knew it was false or had serious doubts about its truth.  That is a very high standard that few cases can meet.  Otherwise, you have to prove damages beyond hurt feelings.

Most defamation cases involve a victim’s workplace, managers, or coworkers. For example, a coworker may make a false statement that causes you to lose a job or get passed over for promotion. These can be complex cases to litigate since the defense usually argues that other events on the job caused your problems.

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