medical_billsThe insurance used to reimburse a victim for medical bills and treatment is often called bodily injury coverage. But “bodily injury” claims are more commonly known in the legal world as a personal injury claims.

Personal injury cases may include a variety of accident types, such as car crashes, slips and falls, and medical malpractice.

Typical Medical Costs in Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law allows victims to recover any necessary and reasonable costs of medical treatment. Payments in these cases may be used to cover:

  • Emergency treatment. Patients are often first seen in emergency rooms, incurring high medical costs as doctors perform expensive diagnostic testing including x-rays, head CTs, or MRI scans.
  • Hospitalization. It may be weeks before a victim is able to leave the hospital, and long stays often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Surgery. If someone must undergo surgical treatment for an injury, he or she can receive a monetary award to cover some or all of the costs related to surgery. 
  • Specialist visits. Victims who suffered severe or difficult-to-treat injuries may need to consult with doctors beyond general care physicians, such as heart specialists, plastic surgeons, or pain management experts.
  • Future medical costs. Patients who suffer complications, chronic pain, or disability may need follow-up appointments or physical/emotional rehabilitation for the rest of their lives.

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