settled_caseYes, some personal injury lawyers in Texas settle their clients’ cases without first getting their express consent at the time the settlement offer is made. These lawyers are able to accomplish this by including a power of attorney or other language in their clients' contracts, which gives them authority to settle cases without clients’ consent.

The personal injury lawyers at Samples Ames PLLC think that's a bad idea.

We'll Get Your Consent Before Settling the Case

You were the one hurt in the personal injury incident, and this settlement belongs to you rather than to your attorney. It's your life that will be most impacted by whether you accept a potential settlement.

We'll always discuss the pros and cons of a specific settlement offer with you, and advise as to what we think you should do about accepting a specific settlement. But, we won't make the decision for you.

When you hire us, our contract clearly states that we won't settle your case without your consent. You remain in control of the case and decide whether you want to accept a specific settlement, keep negotiating, or go to trial.

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To learn more about our policies and terms of our client contracts, we invite you to contact our experienced personal injury attorneys today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We would be pleased to talk with you and to explain everything so you can be confident you're making informed decisions now, and when a future settlement offer may be extended.


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