Do I need a lawyer if the insurance adjuster is friendly and cooperative?Yes. An attorney represents you. Adjusters represent insurance companies. The sole purpose of the adjuster is to maintain the company's profitable bottom line. As such, the directive is to pay you as little as possible, as fast as possible, maybe even before you know the full nature and extent of your personal injuries.

A good adjuster is often pleasant and will try to make you comfortable so you'll talk about the incident without reservation. Insurance adjusters are skilled in getting victims without lawyers to say or do things that could harm their cases, including settling claims for far less than they're worth.  

A Lawyer Protects You After a Personal Injury

When you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you, it becomes his job to advocate for your full and fair recovery. He's skilled in winning cases like yours, knows what you may be entitled to pursuant to the law, and understands how to value your damages.

Your lawyer is most effective before you start negotiations with the insurance company. He can help prevent problems because once the insurance adjuster knows you're represented by counsel, the representative should stop talking to you directly and instead, direct all communication to your attorney.

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