hiring_a_lawyerIt’s possible, but it depends on the facts of your case. Even if your claim is best served by filing a lawsuit, this doesn't mean it'll be heard in front of a judge or jury.

In fact, the majority of personal injury claims are resolved before the case proceeds to trial.

What Can A Lawyer Do For You?

Your attorney may be able to resolve your case before trial through:

  • Representation. In many cases, victims may consult with an attorney about their injuries only after they have been unable to reach an agreement with an insurance provider. Once the victim retains an attorney, insurance companies may be more willing to negotiate, since they don't want to incur the costs of fighting your claim in court.
  • Mediation. Your attorney may be able to resolve a dispute through mediation, or negotiating with the insurance company based on the facts of the case to reach a solution all parties can live with.
  • Settlement. If the case proceeds to trial, victims can accept a settlement offered by the insurer at any time, thus ending litigation and concluding the case.

It's worth noting that cases involving serious personal injuries or wrongful death are more likely to proceed to trial, since insurance companies will do everything possible to avoid paying the full value of the claim. By filing a lawsuit, you and your lawyer are protected by legal procedures, giving you a more level playing field to gather information and properly prosecute your case.

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