We often hear horror stories about insurance adjustersWhat You Need To Know Insurance showing up in hospital rooms or calling car crash victims incessantly to persuade them to give away some of their leverage in negotiations. Of course, not all insurance adjusters are intrusive (or harassing) like this. But all of them do have the same motive — they want to prevent you from hiring a personal injury attorney so that they can offer you a low settlement amount. Keep in mind, large insurance companies like State Farm, Allstate and GEICO care most about the bottom line and paying out less money keeps the profits up!

So, if you have recently been involved in a car crash in Texas and suffered injuries and/or property damage, how do you deal with an insurance adjuster?

What Should You tell the Insurance Adjuster?

The truth. But do not give a recorded statement and do not admit any liability. It is often a good idea to remain calm and polite and tell the adjuster as little as possible because they can try to use anything you say against your claim for compensation through the insurance company. Remember that they are not on your side; their job is to minimize what is paid on your claim to save their company money.

Will the Insurance Adjuster Make Me a Fair Offer?

Again, it is really hard to make blanket statements, and the adjuster could make you a fair offer. But it seems that they almost always do not as they are motivated to limit their carrier's liability exposure by closing out the file. What this means is that they may pressure you into an early settlement and have you sign releases before the extent of your injuries is fully known. For example, if you have suffered a head injury following a car crash in Texas, the full effects and symptoms might not be known for several months, so signing a release two weeks after the accident and accepting a low sum of money could not cover long-term treatments or loss of wages. Therefore, you want to be as sure as possible when you decide to accept a settlement that your doctors feel you have reached maximum medical improvement.

Get The Texas Legal Representation You Deserve

Insurance claims can become quite complex, and the insurance adjuster has an unfair advantage over you due to their experience. They are really good at convincing people that their settlements are fair, that they are giving sound legal advice, and that they have their best interests at heart. And perhaps they do, but it is important to know that many adjusters are also trying to screw you.

If you are having problems with an adjuster, or cannot communicate your needs to the insurance company, consider hiring the Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury attorneys at Samples Ames PLLC. We can review your case, determine what amount of compensation you may be entitled to pursuant to Texas law, and negotiate with the insurer to ensure you get what you are owed. Contact us online or call (469) 466-2600 (Dallas) / (817) 605-1505 (Fort Worth) to schedule your free consultation right away. Remember — you don't pay unless we win!

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