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A large commercial truck with unsecured cargo can lead to a disaster for everyone on the road. If the load a truck trailer is carrying is unsecured, all it takes is a hit for the cargo to become loose and fall into the road or crash into any vehicle driving behind the truck. It can cause a terrible accident that can inflict severe injuries and even result in someone’s death. 

If you were hurt in a accident caused by an 18-wheeler’s unsecured loads, now is the time to act. Get in touch with an experienced unsecured load truck accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

Causes of improperly secured cargo / load

The government has clear regulations regarding the loading, stacking, balancing, and securing of freight. However, truckers and trucking companies often fail to properly secure freight because of carelessness or recklessness, resulting in devastating injuries. Here are some common causes of unsecured load accidents.

  • Improperly loaded equipment that falls from the truck
  • Road hazards
  • Inadequate tie-downs
  • Negligent maintenance

When the load becomes unsecured and falls from the truck while it is running on the highway or roadway, it can cause severe injuries and massive damages.

Who can be held responsible for an unsecured load accident?

When an truck accident occurs because of the load not loaded or tied correctly, multiple parties can be legally responsible for the damages suffered by victims — including the truck driver, the loading company, the trucking company, and shippers. For instance, if drivers failed to check their truck’s secured cargo properly, they will be responsible for their carelessness. But truck loaders or loading companies may both be liable if they failed to meet the loading procedure and requirements. However, the manufacturer of the equipment may be held responsible for damages associated with the accident if the equipment used to secure a load was defective.

If the trucking company didn’t perform the proper maintenance, or if they didn’t properly train their truckers on load inspection, they might be liable for damages caused by unsecured loads.

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