Trailer hitches are a pretty standard part of a truck as they add usability and convenience for the driver. But if they are defective, they can increase the likelihood of a traffic crash. A broken hitch on both delivery and semi-trucks can break loose and leave a disaster in its wake. Whether a collision with a runway trailer or with a hitch that has fallen from the truck, the crash can cause severe injuries.

Dallas-Fort Worth Truck Crash Attorney For Injuries Caused By Defective Trailer Hitches

Truck Hitch FailureIf a driver attempts to hook a trailer to the back of his truck without any professional training, this may result in the trailer not being hitched correctly, thereby causing detached-trailer crashes. Rusted, cracked, or faulty latches are the main reasons for many of these trailer detachments. When a hitch fails, the trailer or towed vehicle separates from the hauling vehicle, resulting in containers becoming loose and crossing the center lane of a highway or street and crashing into oncoming traffic. These types of crashes caused by negligent towing or a faulty hitch can lead to brain injury, broken bones, fractures, spinal cord injury, or even fatality.

Truckers & Trucking Companies Can Be Held Liable

If you are a victim of a truck crash caused by a runway trailer or a defective hitch assembly in Dallas-Fort Worth, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to receive compensation from the negligent parties. Vehicle equipment manufacturers have a responsibility to manufacture safe and effective products. But when those products fail because of design flaws and the use of low-quality materials, manufacturers breach their duty to act responsibly, causing injuries and harm to innocent parties. The manufacturer of a defective hitch that caused a collision can also be held strictly liable in a product liability claim. Additionally, a trucking company may also be responsible for a negligent employee’s actions.

Contact an Experienced Dallas-Fort Worth Truck Accident Attorney For Hitch Defects

A truck crash caused by a hitch assembly failure is one of the most frightening road experiences anyone can experience. 

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