Busy highway intersections bring many roads and opposing directions of traffic together. It’s no wonder that intersections are common sites of truck crashes. But these wrecks are devastating, especially when a big truck is involved in the collision.

When an 18-wheeler rig crashes into a passenger car, SUV, or pickup, the results are often catastrophic. Massive and heavy, these big trucks can destroy smaller motor vehicles, resulting in physical, mental, and financial losses to the injured persons. If you or your loved one were injured in an intersection truck crash, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to schedule a free consultation.

How do intersection collisions occur?

truck collision at an intersectionIn a significant study of junction wrecks, it was found that most of the truck wrecks at intersections happen in Dallas and Fort Worth due to illegal U-turns and running red lights. The driver’s carelessness when crossing roadways can also result in a devastating crash. Big rigs like 18-wheelers take a longer time to brake and accelerate, so the speed of these vehicles or distance between them can be easily miscalculated, causing catastrophic wrecks. Misjudgment of a gap or speed at the highway intersection is yet another behavioral trait that results in an increased number of collisions. Faulty traffic control devices, slippery roads, fog, ice, and infrastructure damage are other reasons truck crashes happen at DFW intersections.

Who is at fault in a truck collision at an intersection?

Liability in an intersection collision is dependent on the specific facts of your case. Risky driving situations can result in severe wrecks at the intersection. For example, if a trucker fails to pay attention to the layout of the interchange due to phone calls or text messages, or if they don’t obey traffic lights while driving, the driver is at fault for intersection wrecks.

However, in some cases, poorly maintained roadways could cause these deadly wrecks. Sometimes, the Texas Department of Transportation fails to fulfill its responsibility for maintaining safety standards on our roads. So, the State may be held liable for injuries caused by unsafe intersections.

Construction companies must implement safety precautions, such as signage for changing routes. When a crash occurs at an intersection due to the wrong safety rules and regulations, the construction company will be responsible for these wrecks.

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An intersection crash that causes severe or fatal injuries may be legally actionable if the trucker or construction company is responsible for this.

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