These days slip & fall injuries are a leadingSlip and Fall Attorneys Dallas Texas reason for hospital emergency room visits. They are a leading cause of injuries at any age and include head injuries, hip fractures, back injuries, shoulder injury, ligament damage in the legs, knees and feet. These all make it quite challenging to live independently. If you or any of your loved ones have been injured in a fall accident on someone else’s property or due to anyone’s fault, it is crucial you understand your legal rights.

The common reasons for slip and falls events include wet and slippery floors, ice and snow, damaged surfaces, potholes and ditches, insufficient lightning and more. And these falls mainly happen in malls, grocery stores, restaurants, workplaces, hospitals, and private homes.


Falls can be costly, and if they are caused because of the fault of another person, a legal procedure with the help of a personal injury lawyer may be the only way to compensate for the financial loss, pain and suffering you have incurred. A Few Points To Keep In Mind After A Fall include:

Get Immediate Medical Assistance

While many fall injuries are minor, broken bones, head injuries, back injuries or internal injuries are not uncommon. It is important a doctor treats you as soon as possible so that you are out of any kind of important peril and at the same time obtain a written professional diagnosis of any injuries caused by the fall. The medical document will help your personal injury lawyer get you the compensation you deserve by proving what conditions were caused by the fall.

Identify Potential Causes Of Fall

You should inspect the area where you fell to know the root cause. You can write down your thoughts as soon as possible as it can aid your doctor in treating you and be valuable proof in the court and help your lawyer in Texas decide how to best handle your legal case.

Take Photos & Identify Witnesses

You should try to take photos immediately after the incident or before the situation changes. Along with that, also write down the name and contact details of anyone who saw you fall and others who were there after the accident took place.

Our Experienced Slip and Fall Attorneys Can Help

The most sensible step to take, particularly if your injuries are grave or you think your condition can get worse, is to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer in Dallas-Fort Worth before speaking to anyone else. The experienced personal injury lawyers know how to evaluate your case and work with opposing lawyers to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Samples Ames PLLC today to schedule a consultation with an experienced Texas personal injury attorney who can determine the best strategies for your fall accident case.

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