Scientists at the renowned Yale School of Medicine has discovered that flavorings in the Juul vape pens and e-cigarettes create chemical reactions to produce new chemicals that are damaging people’s lungs.  Yale’s study was published July 30 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.juul vape pens

The Juul devices are very popular, but Juul has not fully disclosed the ingredients in its vapor.  “We were able to detect these acetals both in ‘Crème Brulée’ e-liquid as well as in the aerosol generated from it,” according to research scientist Hanno Erythropel at Yale.  According to Erythropel, “People often assume that these e-liquids are a final product once they are mixed.  But the reactions create new molecules in the e-liquids, and it doesn’t just happen in e-liquids from small vape shops, but also in those from the biggest manufacturers in the U.S.” 

A key aspect of chemistry is understanding how substances interact with one another, as well as with heat and other processes.  The Yale researchers explained that acetals can be stronger irritants than the flavor chemicals they are derived from.  Duke University’s Sven-Eric Jordt, another author on the Yale report, said, “We were surprised that levels in Juul vapor were already close to safety limits for workplaces where vanillin is used, such as in bakeries and the flavor chemical industry.”

More Research is Needed

Currently, scientists know little about the harmful effects of vaping these new compounds.  But research in showing that the compounds created by the vaping process are more dangerous that the chemicals in the actual vape cartridges.

The Yale report called for future regulations to address the situation where chemicals mix during the vaping process to create new, more dangerous—and perhaps toxic—chemicals.  

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