A truck T-bone wreck occurs when the front of a big rig crashes into the side of another vehicle. These devastating crashes generally happen at an intersection. The enormous force and heavy weight of a big rig against smaller passenger vehicles can result in severe damages and even fatalities. In these crashes, most of the time, passengers sitting on the side of the car that was hit are severely injured.

So, if you were injured or lost your loved one in a side impact truck wreck, an experienced injury lawyer can help you determine your eligibility for receiving compensation.

What are the causes of T-bone truck accidents?

Broadside crashes involving tractor-trailers may occur for various reasons, many of which are due to operator error. Some common reasons why T-bone truck crashes occur include:

  • When the truck driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic at the intersectionT-Bone Truck Accidents
  • When the truck driver speeds through traffic light
  • When the truck driver fails to signal other drivers when turning left or right

Whatever the situation, they can lead to a wreck causing catastrophic injuries and large amounts of property damage. These crashes can be even worse when truckers are traveling at high speeds, impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Who is liable in side-impact truck collisions?

To receive compensation for damages associated with a T-bone wreck, you need to prove liability on the part of people whose negligence is the reason for the collision. If truckers run a red light or turn across the intersection without having a green arrow, they are liable for these collisions. Truck drivers who are traveling too fast and lose control of their vehicles may also be responsible for these devastating crashes.

The trucking company may also face liability if they don’t teach safe driving practices to their truckers. Also, if brakes, steering, headlights, and other mechanical parts of the big rig were defective at the time of the wreck, the manufacturer or the trucking company may be responsible for these deadly collisions.

Get Qualified Help From Our Experienced Dallas-Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyers

The aftermath of T-bone truck collisions can be devastating. You may also incur substantial financial losses to recover from your injuries. 

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident in the Farmer's Branch, Carrollton, or Dallas-Fort Worth area, our highly skilled and dedicated truck accident attorneys can help you receive compensation for lost income, medical bills, and injuries. Contact us online today, or call (469) 466-2600 (Dallas) / (817) 605-1505 (Fort Worth) to schedule your free consultation right away. Remember you don't pay unless we win!

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