A hit and run crash is caused by a driver who escapes from the scene of the crash after hitting other vehicles on the road. These types of wrecks are traumatic themselves, but when the trucker flees the scene after striking other vehicles or people, it can complicate a situation and cause substantial stress. Unfortunately, every year, large trucks or big rigs like 18-wheelers are involved in thousands of collisions, too many of which prove fatal. These large and heavy vehicles can cause severe damage to other drivers. If you have been involved in a hit and run 18-wheeler crash, contact an experienced lawyer to get help with your case.

What are the causes of a truck hit and run crash?

If the truck drivers are drunk or using meth to stay awake, they will not stop at the scene of the crash. Hit and run crashes also happens when drivers:

  • Have no car insurance or are woefully underinsuredDallas-Fort Worth Hit & Run
  • The truck company has lost it operating license
  • Were drunk or high leading to the crash
  • Have no driving license at the time of the wreck
  • Illegally operate a vehicle (like in the case of an underage teen)
  • Have a fear of facing charges

Whatever the reason, a trucker who causes a crash or is involved in a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian and leaves the scene can be arrested and charged with the hit and run.

What should a victim of a hit and run do?

The hit and run driver typically faces criminal charges for fleeing the scene. Additionally, they could be charged for speeding, reckless driving, and maybe drunk driving causing the collision. Fleeing the scene of the crash after hitting can leave injured victims in a terrible position. And victims start to think they couldn’t receive financial compensation just because the at-fault driver can’t be located. Fortunately, you can contact a truck accident lawyer to get maximum compensation for your medical bills and other damages. At Samples Ames PLLC, we will help you explore your options and navigate the sometimes-tough insurance claims process.

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