Truck crashes are extremely dangerous and often devastating life events for those who are involved. The size and force of a tuck, especially when it is moving at high speed, can lead to increased property damage and severe injuries and death. Hefty medical bills, lost wages, extensive recovery time, mental and physical pain and hospitalization go hand-in-hand with truck crash injuries.

common causes of truck crashesYearly, thousands of truck crashes take place leading to many deaths and severe injuries. And most of the deaths in truck crashes are passengers of the nearby vehicles. These wrecks occur due to several reasons, most of which are preventable. If you have suffered severe injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident, you should get in touch with a personal injury lawyer to discuss the specifics of your case. You will get the right consultation and help.

Most Common Causes Of Truck Crashes

Truck Driver Fatigue

The commercial truck drivers work under tight and hectic schedules. They can be forced to pay heavy penalties if they do not reach their destination on time. Unfortunately, unreasonable schedules, overburdened conditions, and extreme pressure push them to drive for long hours. This prevents them from getting good quality sleep. As a result, insufficient sleep or poor quality sleep produce fatigue which causes accidents in three basic ways – loss of concentration, reduction of coordination, and falling asleep while driving.

High Speed & Overtaking

The extreme pressure to reach the destination on time put a lot of pressure on the truck drivers. And the faster they go, the more money they can make. This makes them drive at unsafe and high speed. When they drive at an unsafe speed, it becomes difficult for them to slow down in traffic, resulting in a severe crash.

Overloaded Cargo

Commercial trucks can carry loads up to a certain limit, both in terms of weight and volume. An overloaded truck is difficult to drive, and the chances of accidents also increase. The probability of accidents also increases if the cargo is not balanced properly or if it is not safely fastened to the truck. Shifting cargo can even cause rollovers.

Mechanical Defects With The Truck

Remember, truck drivers are not always to be blamed for the crashes. Sometimes crashes may take place due to mechanical issues that the truck owner should have fixed. A good example is faulty brakes. Commercial trucks have a more complex braking system than any other road vehicle, and any fault in this system can trigger crashes. Other issues that can result in wrecks are defective tires, unsafe freight space, and outdated safety technology.

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