In its ranking of the 10 worst insurance companies in America, the American Association for Justice determined that Allstate was the worst insurance company in America.

Allstate’s Shady Claims Handling Practices

Allstate is famous for shady practices that fail to protect its policyholders or cheat the policyholders themselves.

Delay, deny and defend claims. Allstate consistently and unreasonably delays paying claims to force its policyholders to give up, totally denies valid claims or offers a lower amount than what should actually be paid, and unfairly defends claims that should have simply been paid or settled.

Allstate’s program to cheat policyholders and boost its profits. This bad conduct is not by accident; instead, it is an intentional program by Allstate to increase its profits without considering the merits of a claim.  Allstate hired the New York consulting firm McKinsey & Company to design this shady program.

Allstate adjusters are expected to lie to their customers. Allstate agents are trained to lie to customers and receive extra compensation when they reduce claims payment through these dishonest techniques.

The American Association of Justice is not the only group to discover Allstate's bad conduct. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, more complaints are filed against Allstate than are filed against almost all of its major competitors. For example, Allstate received the largest fine in Maryland history for raising premiums and changing policy terms without notifying its customers. Here in Texas, Allstate agreed to pay more than $70 million in fines after insurance regulators discovered that the company was overcharging homeowners throughout the state. After Hurricane Katrina, Allstate improperly denied property insurance claims by residents of the Gulf Coast who lost everything.

About Allstate Insurance

Allstate Worst Insurance Company For Consumers

The Allstate Corporation is the third-largest personal lines insurer in the United States. It is the largest publicly-held personal lines insurer. It is based in Illinois, and it reported just under $40,000,000,000 in revenue in 2018. Just because your policy does not say “Allstate” does not mean you are safe from their shady business practices. Allstate operates under many names, including the following:

  • Esurance
  • Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
  • Allstate Insurance Company
  • Allstate Indemnity Company
  • Allstate Life Insurance Company
  • Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • Encompass Insurance Company
  • Allstate New Jersey Insurance Company
  • Allstate New Jersey Property and Casualty Insurance Company
  • Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York
  • Castle Key Insurance Company
  • Castle Key Indemnity Company
  • Allstate County Mutual Insurance Company
  • Allstate Texas Lloyd’s
  • American Heritage Life Insurance Company

How Can Samples Ames Help?

There is no doubt that insurance companies all over America frequently play by their own rules. This may be particularly true when it is about a company’s personal profits. If you are in or around Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville, and Farmers Branch, and Allstate has rescinded your policy or a claim you deem valid is denied, it may be an act of bad faith. 

If you are being treated badly by Allstate in the claims process, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options. Samples Ames do not charge for this service, and you can complete the contact form on this page or call/text us at 469-466-2600.

Steve Samples
Helping personal injury and car / truck accident victims in Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Dallas and Fort Worth.
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Crystal Moore 06/07/2020 05:30 PM
I have hail damage to roof and Allstate has refused to cover, calling them heat blisters though visible to gutters and garage doors also.
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Makitia 09/29/2020 05:41 PM
Allstate should change their slogan to Your're in Bad Hands. My fiance and I have been mistreated with both our homeowner's insurance and vehicle insurance. Really HATE them!
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Latasha Maxwell 10/23/2020 10:02 PM
A fraud company. I pay full coverage every month just for them to tell me they can pay 300$ on my car. But the ford delarship said it will cost 2675$ to fix my car
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Terry Brennan 11/01/2020 10:29 AM
Very dissatisfied customer
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Andrea Guuce 11/02/2020 11:40 AM
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Michael , Chandra Rhodes 11/08/2020 01:32 PM
We have had Allstate for some years, and every claim that we have put in with them concerning our home, it has been denied. We had a big hold in our ceiling that you can see the sky it was denied. We had to take out a loan to get our hole in the ceiling of our ,den and bathroom fix. Ever house in our neighborhood has being granted a new roof all except us but they do not have allstate. But we was told that we have hail damage but it don't look that bad. On one occasion the adjuster told us that he had the same problem, and he said he told his wife to go and pick out whatever she wanted, but we was given a check for the cheapest carpet they could find, on the same claim they sent a worker out here and told us that he live in a mobile home and they put him up in a hotel and his damage was no were close to our. But we pay bill on time and has never been late .If there is a lawsuit out there against them please let us know. One thing is they have no problem to take our money every month . Have there every been an investigation on Allstate?
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Anthony Norris 11/14/2020 12:10 PM
Well let me tell you this company is a joke
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Don Reed 11/22/2020 03:06 PM
Homeowners insurance thru All-State is a complete joke! Unbelievable
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Allen Goldschmidt 12/01/2020 03:44 PM
I switched from being a long time holder with Geico because Allstate was cheaper. (Florida) Bad move. I set up a direct payment from my bank account and a six month payment was debited. Before the next payment I notified them that I switched from Citibank to Chase and gave them the new account number. Came the due date on Oct 16 I noticed they never debited the money so I called and was told the bank rejected it. That's because they messed up and called Citibank. I was pissed and because I idin't want to be without insurance I instructed them to the correct account. Guess what they charged me $40 extra.They never notified me by phone or email. I demanded the $40 returned. The owner of the Agency never called me back after leaving several messages and I wrote letters to the home office in Chicago. No response. THEY SUCK STAY AWAY
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Maxine 12/03/2020 04:36 AM
I'm totally disgusted with the way that I have been treated and spoken to by a miss Cynthia Gonzales from Allstate. Refusing to return my calls when I was trying to reach out to her to make inquiries about my claim. I sent an email in response to an email that she sent me, requesting information and signed documents almost a month after filing my claim. I've also had an attorney try to reach out to miss Cynthia Gonzales via voice mail and email and they received no response. Well clearly after miss Cynthia Gonzales received my email I then got a call from her. And I have to say, she was absolutely rude, vulgar and disgusting with the way that she was almost yelling at me. I asked miss Cynthia Gonzales if she would please change her tone of voice, that I'm not a child, her response to me was " No, you hush, I'm the professional " . That conversation was so upsetting to me that I had to hang the phone up on her. I'm still in shock on how I was spoken to and I feel like she is trying everything possible not to pay me my settlement. After all this is over with, never again will I do business with Allstate.
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Michael J Mesa 01/26/2021 02:01 PM
I had their auto policy for about one week. I found out they were being deceptive so I cancelled the policy. They then placed my policy on a "pending" status, while refusing to refund my money or even talk to about it, saying they will look into it and have someone contact me. A month later that never happened. I am 70 and live off social security. If they will do that to me, they will do it to anyone. I have to consider if my Latino last name has anything to do with it. Regardless, they are not "Good Hands" to be in!
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wayne 01/31/2021 02:54 AM
I have been with Allstate for over 10 year but they are giving me the run a round about paying clams do not us them I have faxed them information about my claim and they say they never even got it they drag there feet hoping you will give up
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Jason Ervin 02/10/2021 06:24 PM
It is how Allstate handled my last accident claim in 2018. It was handled from some people from Oregon. It was an awful year! Way more stressful then it shouldn't have been. I had to pay a private attorney, cause Allstate already proved I was not good hands at all! I tell people about my experience often. It was like 1 of the worst years of my life! Anxiety way high! over a simple accident claim. Allstate was only interested in not paying or taking care of it. I spent $2000 to recover. The only relief I ever got was from my own personal attorney. I never ever experienced anything like this with any other insurance companies ever! I have negotiated with other insurance companies, but never finished or made a final decision who to go with. I think I have 5 to finish negotiating with.
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Ricky Driggers 02/24/2021 06:55 AM
Paid monthly payment for over 50 years and never filed a claim, a storm damaged the roof and it was going to cost $3,200 to fix it. The very rude guy I spoke with said they would not cover it because of the deductible. They don’t have to worry about paying for the roof now because my 85 year old father died.
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03/04/2021 02:54 PM
Allstate is the worst annoying company ever! They are guilty and good hands always make us clap every day. They have to be banned
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Elizabeth D DARMSTADT 04/14/2021 04:32 PM
They more than happily insured me and my fiance. However when my fiance got a new truck and I said I wanted to upgrade the policy they said oh wait a minute we thought you were married. To which I replied we never told you we were married. They said that could be a problem because you could not be covered if something happened. I said so we were never covered the whole time? To which they replied well it would have been a problem paying it what don't you understand. To which I replied you're no longer my insurance company idiot what don't you understand? I hate this company they lie and cheat and I never had a claim with them.
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Betty Harvey 05/09/2021 02:57 PM
I took my truck to a repair garage allstate recommended. I have a Ford f-150XL. The passenger side had damage to the rear panel and back door. It is a 2006 model with 94 thousand miles on it. The shop and the adjuster collaborated and decided to total my vehicle even though it was in great condition other than the damage to the passenger side. I turned to close to a guard rail and that is how my truck was damaged. The adjuster and the car repair body shop was only in taking control of my truck and not repairing it for me. I am now looking for a body shop that will give an honest estimate to repair my truck.
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Tina Whitley 05/21/2021 09:54 PM
We recently had a tornado come through and damage our property. It happened on 5/3 and the adjuster has dodged, avoided, depreciated, and disallowed majority of our damage . They expect me to find my own contractor to assess damage they should have hence the word adjuster and just today over two weeks later without coming out paid me less then my premium that I pay on my house insurance . This is the most unprofessional, undermining, non caring company who employs shady adjusters to get out of taking care of their customers . I will never recommend them and will share my story with anyone who asks who they should get as an insurance company . Pathetic is the only word that can explain their service .
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Marie 06/17/2021 05:42 PM
@Crystal Moore. They have developed "Heat Blisters" in their eye balls by staring at the dollar signs for too long!!!
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José 06/23/2021 07:05 PM
It is one of the most worst companies of insurance i have ever seen.Their service is terrible.It is the worst that can exist like insurance.
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Dan Borikh 06/30/2021 05:09 PM
All state denied liability after talking to me for a month. They said that this guy was not insured under their policy. This is insane. I will sue them
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07/07/2021 05:16 PM
Decent commercials, a horrible insurance company.
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Laurie 07/08/2021 04:13 PM
Allstate loses items and denies responsibility
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Unkown. 07/11/2021 06:55 PM
I totally agree. That stupid Allstate brings out ads and want us to clap for good hands. Such a stupid company.
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Heather Bragg 07/30/2021 01:03 PM
We are battling them over our roof damaged by a hurricane. This is spot-on. We're filing our SECOND CLAIM!
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Billy Cuenca 08/11/2021 03:06 PM
I agree , Allstate after years of paying my premiums every 6 months in full. I got one of my cars hit by another Allstate insured driver. They were at fault. They would not cover the full cost of repairs. Only a little more than one half. Then fought me over rental car reimbursement. After Ten years of the Crooked Hands people, filing zero claims , they can go to hell...
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Timothy tucker jr 08/12/2021 06:19 PM
I am completely and utterly disgusted with allstate I was ran into a month ago filed a claim and still have had 0 communication from Allstate there's been no communication as to is your vehicle being repaired has the other insurance company given you an estimate for the damages Is the estimate for the damages correct or fair have they provided you with a loaner nothing but they have no problem sending a payment reminder every month with allstate your are most definitely not in good hands
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Suni Hakim 08/13/2021 07:18 AM
Allstate don't listen to me when I ask for documents and charging me higher rates
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Ken Chmielewski 08/17/2021 02:03 PM
Allstate is absolutely a horrible company and their local agent simply won't do anything to correct their problems & lies. Would love to sue them!
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M Keenan 08/26/2021 08:20 PM
Would never do business with this company again; extremlely shady company. I have been trying to cancel my isurance for two months, two payments taken out of my checking account and still have not cancelled. Written notice given over a two months ago and now they send an email stating that I need to call to confirm my identity; of course, no one ever answers. Stay far away from this company.
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Chelle 09/07/2021 06:46 AM
A couple of ago a AllState customer was going at a high rate of speed end up In my job's strip center hit a tree drugged the tree, the tree hit it landed on the passenger's side of my car, after she hit the back trunk of my car, and knocked my bumper clean off, and tried to flee the scene but a flat tire stopped, so to make a long story short, AllState is stalling on the claim and it's in pending/team property level status! I get a different story of their reaching out to their customer. I sent them pictures and I'm now waiting on the delayed police report and it looks like I'll have to get my insurance to fix it and go after AllState for reimbursement. And this is my second bad your customer hit my car experience with them.
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Lynn Kraiger 09/12/2021 09:52 PM
Allstate unethical and abusive. The Public needs to be educated on what Allstate and other big insurance companies are getting away with. I was in a rear end accident on a Freeway where traffic had come to a stop, except the Allstate driver going 70mph in his SUV wiped out my Nissan leaf. I have neck and upper back soft tissue injuries. I thought my Insurance Co. Safeco would take care of me and deal with Allstate. Man was I wrong. I had PIP worth $35,000 so I started using that to treat my injuries. No one from Allstate reached out to me. Allstate took forever to take care of me on my car which was totaled, did not want to give me a fair price. They told me that I had to come up with the comps in my area to prove replacement price, which I did. This took over 2 months, without a car to get to work which is located over 30miles from my resident with no public transportation in walking distance. Meanwhile I am fighting with Safeco to pay my medical bills covered under PIP. I was warned by a Friend they would stop paying all together at $10,000? I said no my PIP is $35,000, she laughed. They stopped at $11,000. Still no one from Allstate has contacted me about my injuries or wellbeing. So I hire a lawyer to deal with Safeco over not paying my bills. So now Safeco hands me off to Allstate. I find out because I have hired a lawyer, any retribution I receive from Allstate I will than have to pay Safeco back the $11,000. PIP was a waist of money for over 30 years of paying for it. Now this is where the abuse from Allstate begins. They drag this out for almost 5 years, meanwhile my medical does not want to cover my care due to this lawsuit. So I am battling back and forth. The stress is unbelievable, I start having other health issues. Now Allstate calls in this shady doctor to examine me for over an hour. He accuses me of not being injured due to the fact I have a break in therapy because I am dealing with my other health issues. So to make a long story as short as possible they drag this out, stress both my Husband and I. We end up in Arbitration and lose. My Husband did terrible, poor guy was just diagnosed with Parkinson's 2 days before and our Attorney did nothing to prepare us for it. So we went from a $76,000 settlement to $33,000. I do not care, it was never about the money, for me it was about my bills getting paid. Yes I know in my Heart my neck and back will never be the same again, but the stress this is causing the rest of my body and my marriage is not worth it. We did not appeal and was told they would not. Yay! Not so, right at the last they come back with we want to go to trial. Talk about stress, I do not think we can handle a week long trial. Our lawyer feels they could win because I stopped treatment to deal with my other health issues. He says there is too much of a time lapse, a Jury most likely will not side in my favor. Also we have to pay for all the Doctors to testify which can run up to $10,000. I can not believe they are doing this over a mere $33,000, when they know $11,000 is going to Safeco and I have lawyer fees. So by the time they are done with me I will probably be paying medical and lawyer only. I found out they use a computer program called Colossus to calculate your claim and pressure adjusters and lawyers to fall in the range of the program, which in injuries like mine usually under $10,000. So they will drag it on and on and threaten court. They just wear you down and all you want is for it to stop. I wish I had it in me to play chicken with them but I do not. What I can do to feel empowered is to tell my story, get the word out about Allstate, how PIP really works and what to do when you get in a accident. I thought since it was not my fault I was fine, what a mistake, should have had the EMT's take me to the Hospital. I should have found the best Lawyer I could find and hired them 1st thing. Also just for the sake of making myself feel good. I am going to file a claim against Allstate with the Insurance Commissioner in my State. I encourage everyone to file claims against them. In some cases you could take Allstate to small claims court. Something to consider if you will benefit by doing so.
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Diana Poindexter-Huseby 09/12/2021 11:25 PM
Worst insurance company ever. Cheat their customers, lie about everything. You are not in good hands.
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Marcus Ward 09/18/2021 09:17 AM
I have been with Allstate for 15 years . Never filed a claim on my homeowners policy. Yet they denied my hail storm claim despite pictures of proof. Stay away from this company it is not what their slogan claim ., It's just the opposite . There need to be a class action lawsuit against them for what they don't do when it comes to claims.
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Rondahl Mitchell 10/06/2021 07:38 AM
A lady hit my parked car while I was in the store, before I came out the lady tried to leave, but their were to many people that saw her hit my car and tear my bumper clean off and laying on the ground. I took pictures and video and got her insurance info which was All-State insurance, I called in the claim and sent in the required information they requested, after a week of not hearing back they informed me that until they hear from the other party, they can't honor my claim, two weeks later they told me they still haven't been able to contact her and nothing can be done until they do, 3 weeks later, they informed me that they still haven't heard back from the other party and it could be weeks or months before they can honor the claim if they can't get a hold of her, we both have All-State, this was a big mistake switching to this company and they still have done nothing to this day. Don't make the same mistake I did, Avoid this company at all costs
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Harley Ellis 10/07/2021 08:45 AM
I think allstate has some illegal practices. We had a tornado hit our property, FEMA was brought in and paid the insurance companies for the people's claims. Allstate made us pay a double deductible claiming they had to break the damage into two parts, wind then lightening. Two very large trees were twisted, split wide open all the way to the ground and hanging over the house. Shingles were ripped off the roof and siding, soffit, etc. were torn from the house and the garage. Allstate paid a fraction, ($500), of what it cost to remove the trees and repair all of the damage. I attempted to contact allstate but they didn't wish to hear anything we had to say. The woman kept calling me "sweetie", very disrespectful. Their damage assessor called before he came, I told him NOT to come to the house unless I was home, he chose to come while I was at work and my wife was home alone. We made many attempts to contact him on what he claimed was his cell phone but he never answered and refused to return our calls no matter how many voicemails we left. It took allstate months to pay the little bit they paid, I kept leaving allstate voicemails explaining the damaged trees are hanging dangerously over the house and were about to come crashing through the roof, they would have taken out the back half of the house. The only reply I received was, "then we will pay for that damage" even if there is a loss of life. It seems allstate may have taken the FEMA monies and only disbursed a fraction of what they received to the homeowners.
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Caesar Delao 10/13/2021 07:34 AM
I have hail damage all over my roof from the April 15 hail storm that came through Austin. The hail damage is clearly visible in many pictures. Allstate's rule to authorize according to the claims agent they look at a 10 feet x 10 feet square area and if you don't have a certain amount of hail hits in that area they say there is nothing wrong with your roof.
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Bridget 10/19/2021 08:49 AM
My car was totaled by wreckless river who had allstate. My father was driving the car at the time, he was waiting for the person in front of him to turn when the light turned green, This idiot was driving like a bat out of hell and hit him, Long story short it has been over a year and allstate has not paid the pain and suffering claim. They are cheap , he had $ 16,000 in medical bills they only offered $8,000 ALLSTATE IS THE WORST.
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Sandy Trosper 10/19/2021 01:10 PM
I have never been so mad until now Allstate is a DISGRACE IF I KNEW THAT THEY WANT TO GIVE YOU A RUNAROUND FOR CLAIMS I WOULD HAVE WENT TO STATE FARM! So if your thinking of getting Allstate for Home and Car insurance save yourself the time and go to State Farm! Allstate doesn't want to pay any claims if possible but they do want to keep billing you for there fees it has taken 4 months so far and my roof or heat pump is still not fixed.
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Michelle V 10/22/2021 09:09 PM
My parents have been with Allstates for 30 years or more. They added a personal lost claim for NEW personal property lost after the hurricane. Allstate paid .50 for personal damages. There is proof to cover all lost including videos. They are truly a rip-off!! I was told by an agent repurchase the lost and they would reimburse me. Hello to my attorney!!
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Bree G. 10/28/2021 03:10 AM
I have a disability policy with Allstate. They are indeed shady and haven’t paid me a dime. They keep coming up with excuse after excuse and have re-requested doctor statements at least four times! I’m going to sue.
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Deanna Landsman 10/28/2021 12:57 PM
Adam Rasales And William Hoffman are the absolute worst claim specialists I've ever encounter .Adam yelled at me and then said oh well come out of your own pocket for a vehicle theft claim.Him and his partner William Hoofman then went to the Nissan dealer where my car was and told the service advisor to get used parts to fix damages.Dealerships dont use used parts and I have never been so horribly treated as I was in this claim.Absolutely deplorable service.You are in horrible hands with Allstate
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Jade Howell 10/28/2021 04:18 PM
Allstate has bulldozed my fiancé when she suffers form ptsd past trauma and anxiety she gave me permission to talk for her yet they argued with me telling them this we filed it claim on October 5th 2020 And on the 9th was giving and offer for a total loss by Michael Malik after accepting the offer and giving our bank information we received a email stating it was under review bc they said we didn’t have coverage t ty hag a lie and was a mistake on the underwightees part but the said sorry and they had to manually upload the coverage it was approved by manger mrs long on the 15th followed by an email for Malik saying yayyy coverage has been uploaded and soon as financials get it I’ll have you paid out well that didn’t happen and we spoke to mrs long who stated we’ll be paid at midnight it’s just uploading we got into a back I forth and all the sudden the dates were switch and put back into investagastin with Britney William eo literally said when I asked why are you doing this ‘well you wanna call mangers’ and made her go get paper Notarized the next day and that she was going to end it next day before she can even leave the door the phone rang and Britney accusing her of that car and she has a picture of the car on the 27th already wrecked which is impossible the car was parked in the garage safe and sound and not use until the 28th we’re broken down on the 28th and we still safe and sound yet she closed the claim and no one wil let us Appel or talk tk anyone that can help and now has left our car in impound for a month help please help F
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Joseph 11/05/2021 02:34 PM
Biggest and worst insurance company there full of lies and love to do people as bad as they can , I was messed over after 11 years with not one claim and when I did ask if it was worth the effort to make a claim they blacklisted me for 5 years and now No company will give me home insurance because of there unethical practices and there crooked ways. Don't for your own sake get insurance from them and if you have it get away now before they destroy your life too.
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maurine 12/03/2021 12:11 PM
It been 2 month since 3 of our motorcycles crashed. One was totaled and payed in 3 weeks. the second was told it would be$ 5,ooo to fix, but when it got to the hd dealer it was $15,000 and they wont pay the towing or storage even thought they would not let us get it. Another $2400. The 3rd bike is still being looked at . There estimate 3,500, Harley davidson $15,000 not including towing and storage. 2 months and still no idea whats going on. Not anyone I would ever do business with again!!!!
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Chikisha Hardaway 12/22/2021 09:20 AM
I’m not an Allstate customer but every time I have a wreck the person that hits me is an Allstate customer. I get hell from them to fix my car or get me a rental and their insured hit me. I just don’t understand this my vehicle was hit November 14th by an Allstate customer so I got a rental on November 19th and returned it on December 14th and Allstate owes me 900 an some odd dollars and only wants to pay 700 and some odd dollars because the rental I got was 2xs larger than what they allowed me to get. Now I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee L with 3 row seating and they wanted me to get something like a Chevy spark. How can this be possible?! I rented a Dodge Charger and it was so basic. I can’t understand this at all.
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glee 01/06/2022 03:51 PM
"In good hands:" they don't tell you body part their grubby little hand have a hold of but if you are a guy be assured it is your testicles. Placing my property on LexusNexus "castastrophic" list because of a broken garage door...non-renewal notice after 60 years with one claim....
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Mom in Ohio 01/06/2022 05:29 PM
Thanks for posting this article. I had called for home owners insurance quote. After reading this, I will look elsewhere.
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Chris A 01/10/2022 06:28 PM
I had them for years and when it came time to take care of me and my claim they were nowhere to be found!
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