When choosing a law firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to represent you in your personal injury, child abuse, or business legal matter, look no further than Samples Ames PLLC. With offices in Dallas and Fort Worth for your convenience, we provide everything the mega firms provide, with the added benefit of our personal time and attention to your case. Even though we are a small firm, you will find that we offer all of the following:

  • Financial resources to fight large insurance companies and corporations. Lawsuits are expensive. The costs for investigators, consultants, and expert witnesses can rise quickly. Choose a firm with enough resources to meet this need.
  • Intellectual resources to see opportunities that others miss. Did the lawyer do a good job when he settled a personal injury case for $100,000?  Maybe. But don’t choose a lawyer who settles for $100,000 and misses the $1,000,000 opportunity with a different defendant or a different claim. That happens more than you’d think. If you’ve ever met a lawyer who you thought just didn’t understand your case, you were probably right.
  • Practical resources to move your case forward. Your lawyer is the link between you and your insurance company, the defendant, and the defendants’ lawyer. To be effective, that lawyer has to listen to you, understand you and your personal injury case, and then communicate effectively with the other side.  But every case is different, so choose a lawyer with the skill to adapt.  Some cases are war; others are negotiations.  Choose a lawyer with enough business experience to recognize the difference.
  • Human Resources to Allow You to Win. While the trial lawyer is the most visible part of a litigation effort, success depends on a concerted team effort. This includes persons within the law group such as legal assistants and paralegals.  But it also includes external resources such as investigators, medical consultants, engineers, and crash reconstructionists. At trial, the skills of graphic artists, computer animation specialists, and trial consultants are often needed. Choose a firm that can assemble the right team for your case.

What Do You Really Want in a Law Firm?

Lawsuits aren’t fun—whether you are suing or being sued. When they’re over, most people are relieved.  But being relieved it’s over is not the same thing as being happy with the process and the outcome. If the following attributes are important to you, then Samples Ames PLLC is the right place for you:

  • Lawyers who treat you like a person, not just a “case.”
  • Lawyers who return your telephone calls.
  • Lawyers who take the time to listen to you.
  • Lawyers who explain the process and help you make good decisions.
  • Lawyers who earn your trust, because they understand your case.
  • Lawyers who earn your confidence, because you know they can win.

Learn more about us by browsing our website and then give us a call to discuss your case. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

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